Candles for
everyday moments.

100% all-natural soy wax with premium cotton wicks.

Featured In Publications

Hand-crafted for quality. Tested for family safety.

Enjoy scents with no toxins.

Made out of 100% all-natural soy wax, you can light the candle knowing that it is safe for you and your family’s health. Unlike most candles that contain paraffin which emit toxins and carcinogens, we are committed to providing candles that are safe for you and those you love, as well as the environment.

blue hour candle lavenderWithBox2
blue hour candle peachSideCork2

Hand-poured in America.

Find comfort under the aroma of candles that are hand-poured in the US. Experience distinctive scents that last for hours.

“My family and I love soy wax candles for their long burn times and better fragrance. We will never go back to paraffin wax.”

– McKenna S.

Enjoy your own blue hour.

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